Friday, July 16, 2010

Flowery Friday

The heat and sunshine lately has really got the flowers blooming.  These buckets were what I picked last Saturday, to make into bouquets for Sunday's market.

I was in the garden lots today, and this afternoon I noticed a few hummingbirds around.  Of course by the time I had gone to get the camera, they disappeared.  I waited though, and they returned.   They were feeding on the Crocosmia (the red flower)

Here's a closeup.  They are red and that long tubular shape, just what the hummingbirds like.

And some lilies.  Not a hummingbird flower, but gorgeous all the same.

The hummingbirds also really like the Monarda or Bee Balm.  Another red flower that is long and tubular.  My hummingbird photography wasn't terribly successful.  To start with they wouldn't come to the flowers unless I was about 10 feet away, and then they always seemed to be on the other side of the clump.  By they time I had found them in the camera viewfinder, and the camera had focussed, the hummingbird had moved and I had to start all over again.
Can you see the hummingbird in the center of the picture, it really blends in with the leaves.

I like this shot though, even though the flowers are in focus, and not the bird.

Off to the markets tomorrow and Sunday.  I got some vegetables picked tonight, and will get the rest done in the morning.  Larry will go to the market, and I will stay home and get a head start on things to be picked, or dug up, or cut for Sunday's market.

Here's some of the veggies we have been selling lately.
Other Herbs
Salad Greens
Greens (kale, chard, collards, spinach)
Broad Beans
Edible Podded Peas


  1. The hummingbird is one beautiful bird! That was a really good shot! I was just kidding about Kim - she was only there for about 5 mnutes while I took some pictures.

  2. SOOOOooooo beautiful..we're jealous.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Great pictures! My favorite is the one where flowers in focus, but not humming bird- a wonderful artistic contrast, if we may say so ourselves!
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your yard!

    Your buddy,


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