Friday, January 17, 2020


I have another blog post I've been struggling to finish.  One of these days I hope it will be done, but really now it just seems like old news.

Anyway, after monsoon rains we morphed into winter.  It's been a cold week, wind chills of -20 at times.  We are situated such that we are wide open to the east, so when those arctic outflow winds come roaring across the Fraser Valley, we get hit pretty hard.  It was such a relief yesterday when they had ended.  We had some fresh snow yesterday, a bit of sunshine, more snow overnight, and then woke up to this, as seen from the bedroom window.  Blue sky!!

The sun coming up in the southeast.  One of the hummingbird feeders.  I like to leave it out overnight if possible, so that I don't have to get up early.  Although I did exactly that two mornings, as I had brought it in because I wasn't sure that it wouldn't freeze.  We have at least a couple of hummingbirds around.

So pretty this morning.  I'm standing by the south chicken coop

 There's not a lot of protected out door space for them, although they can also go under the coop.

Up until today I'd had a windbreak set up along this east facing side.  All the way along from their little chicken door so they were protected as they made their way to their little leanto on the south side.  I had that all protected too so that they could stay out of the wind.  I took it all down this morning as it wasn't needed, and I wanted them to be able to feel that sunshine.  The ones by the door are pecking at a dish of cooked squash innards and skins.  A little lure to get them to come out.

That's the rest of their field on the left, it extends to those farthest evergreens.  No hens would be tromping down there today.

Larry was taking care of the hens at the north coop, along with Ramona the old sheep.  Back in for breakfast and then the morning dog walk around the property.

Our bush/woodlot is reaching the end of it's life.  Lots of dead and dying trees, well the alders at least, and a few of them have come down lately.  I joked that they are so soaked with water and therefore heavy, and they just can't hold themselves up any longer.

Looking across the back hayfield.  That's yesterday's and last night's new snow on that fence rail.  At least that snow came straight down instead of creating drifts and bare spots.

Yesterday's snowed over snow angel!

I was worried about the rhubarb that was starting to show.  I think it's pretty safe under it's two foot drift.

Today's snow angel.  She has a pin head, lol.  Yesterday I had tried to find a drift deep enough that I could hold myself stiff and just fall back into it.  Couldn't do it, my sense of self preservation just wouldn't let me.  



  1. It was lovely seeing the clear sky today but I see we are now warned that more snow and freezing rain will be hitting us overnight and tomorrow.
    When the snow goes I must remember to check my rhubarb just in case it has started growing. I know my Hellebores were showing new growth but then that is not unusual for them in the middle of January.

  2. The snow did change some of the chickens plans. You have a lot of areas with lots of snow. Great photos.

  3. Oh my you do have snow! It is way prettier than our snow! Good to see you post again! It is always interesting to see what you are up to! :)

  4. Loved your pretty pictures and the ones of the chickens and dogs!

  5. It is so beautiful there. Aren't hens funny! We don't get deep snow like you, but even when the ground is white here, the hens are scared to death to come outside. I have gone in the woods and raked up leaves to make a path for them over the snow. I doubt you could even find a leaf there. I remember when you all built the lean-to. We need to buy a few new laying hens. Ours are not laying enough to even keep the two of us in eggs.


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