Sunday, November 10, 2019


I've decided I want to get back into some blogging.....time will tell as to how that goes, lol!  A while back I was looking for something that I knew I'd blogged about, and then I started reading some old posts, and I enjoyed reading them.  After all, this blog is for me, it's just a lucky by-product that a few other people enjoy it as well, so I hope I can continue to keep you interested and amused.

This was part of our trail through the back bush, as we call it, about three weeks ago.  So pretty!  After what is sticking in my memory as a quite rainy September and most of October, we finally got some Indian summer.  I did wonder if it was even politically correct to call it that, and went to the 'knower of all things', otherwise known as Google, and the jury seems to be out on that one.

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And this is the same part of the trail, just this past week.  

All the leaves are down, and they are very thick on the trail as they are in the underbrush around the trees, but you can't rake the leaves out of the underbrush.  Besides, there is an eco system out there, and I didn't want to disturb it that much, so decided to gather only leaves in the really thick spots on the trail.  I've always mulched our raspberries with leaves, it keeps the weeds down somewhat, as I gave up trying to keep them weed free, and the leaves are the only fertilizer they get.  After we lost half of the big maple at the bottom of the driveway, and some big pieces at the one by the gate, the leaves on the driveway are much much less, and not enough to fully mulch the raspberries.  As well as that, in the gardening group I belong to on Facebook, lots of info has appeared on the benefits of leaves as mulch, so I'm trying to get more on board with that.

Luna loves to attack the rake, which can actually be pretty darn annoying....

Nine bags of leaves collected from the back bush.  Larry went out with the tractor and trailer and brought them back.  I'll do some mulching at the upper garden, if I ever get it cleaned up.

Then Friday evening, just on the edge of dark and before the predicted rain I drove the car down the road.  There I met Larry who had taken the dogs for a walk while I finished off some jam, and we raked 6 more bags full from where the leaves had piled up along the shoulder.

Some leaves mulching the kale, and in the background the raspberries.

And then just some random Fall shots, playing around with a little point and shoot Nikon that I had bought second hand.  Unfortunately some coffee got spilled and ran down the back of LED screen of my DSLR (so little that I didn't even think it was an issue), but despite all my efforts, the camera died.


  1. Good to see you blogging again! I see Jake is looking old and Luna chases your rake...she must feel good to do that! Good to see them both! You had a pretty Fall...too bad you can't get leaves from someone who already bags them up! :) I keep hoping for Indian Summer...I really don't care if that is correct or not as that is what I have called it for years:)

  2. Karen! You would not believe how many times I've thought about you and Larry. I've missed you, and your blog, so much and have missed hearing about the children, the dogs, your garden and chickens. Are you still doing the market? I won't get carried away here. I worried too that maybe you got tired of me asking you so many questions. :) Anyhow, it is so good to hear from you. I thought we had more leaves than anybody! but looks like you have even more!

  3. Mysterious things are happening to my blog. Randomly blogs that I follow disappear from my list( yours was one of them.) It takes me a while but then I realize what has happened. Today I noticed that the font on my blog is tiny but I'm not sure if it appears that way to others or if it's just my computer. Anyway, it's great to see you're back to blogging.

  4. Thank you all for coming back! I've kept up with all your blogs. Haven't commented much, but I've read them all.


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