Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'm Still Here!

First of all, many thanks to those that got in touch to say that they missed me. It brings on a warm glow/hot flash/power surge to know that people really do care about the unimportant stuff I ramble on about. 

Sometimes you get behind with the blogging, and it just snowballs and then a person just doesn't know where to start. That person was/is me.  

View from the house on a misty Fall morning

It wasn't that there was nothing to blog about.  There was lots, I have the pictures to prove it.  Pictures I took that were supposed to be the basis of a blog post.  Those posts didn't happen.  I'm not really sure why.

Heading out on our morning doggy walk that same morning

We went to the Fair.  We had a family reunion there.

Mist and dew and spider webs

We went to Ontario for a wedding, and that was another family reunion.

 So pretty!

We did ordinary stuff.  Walked and worked and gardened (a bit) and made jam (a lot) and wasted too much time looking at random things on the computer.

The kayaking and biking seemed to have fallen by the wayside.


 Yellow leaves and sunlight...

 Time for some trail maintenance

Luna disappeared.  She doesn't 'do' cutting or sawing tools. Now a rake or broom, that's a whole different matter...

 Such a pretty walk on a morning like this

Today was the last farmer's market.  It turned out to be one heck of a day, in more ways than one.  That's fodder for another blog post.

 On the way back from the walk we stopped at the upper garden and I picked some of the yucky split tomatoes and threw them to the hens.

I have made my last jam/preserves (lemon marmalade and mango chutney on Saturday) for the year! Hooray!!
Remember my big decision earlier this year?  The one where I said I had decided to phase the jam out?  Ha, not happening unless I quit the markets totally.  
Not quiiiite ready to do that yet.
So yeah, I'll still be making jam for a bit.  My customers won't let me do it any other way.
So, lets hope this is a new beginning with regards to the blogging.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Well, I am so happy to see you!!! These pictures are simply beautiful! I love them all, but the first four, I would love to have in big frames hanging in the living room. You have such a pretty place to walk. Glad you are getting a break from the jelly making. I have a craft show coming up next weekend and Shelby is planning to be there on Friday with her jams and jellies. We never get to do craft shows together anymore because they still do the farmer's market. Welcome back!

  2. diane in northern wisOctober 30, 2017 at 7:21 PM

    So glad to see you back! What wonderful pictures of the misty days...the beautiful sunlight on the colorful trees...and of course your always interesting comments along the way. Just do a blog when you can and don't worry about it....I'll check in every day and see if you're here or not. I do LOVE your blog.....the leafy paths today were so lovely in the fog and mist. See you again here, I hope. Welcome back.

  3. You've been away so long I forgot to check to see if you had posted! Nice to see you're back and that you survived the blustery day we had on the weekend. I'm sure it was pretty scary at the Farmers Market.
    The pictures with all the mist and all are perfect for this evening ( Halloween).

  4. Blogging is a LOT of work. Sometimes I just can't muster the energy or the brain power. Glad to see you anytime!

  5. gosh i missed your photos... the leaves in the fog must have smelled wonderful... such beautiful pictures


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