Friday, October 21, 2016

A Break Between Rain Storms

We seem to have had an awful lot of rain lately.  It makes me think of November, but I guess the temperature is still relatively mild, so I suppose we have that going for us.  Trying to look on the bright side here!  And speaking of bright side, the rain stopped, the sky cleared off overhead, and the sun came out in the late afternoon on Thursday.  There is something about that 'late in the day Fall light'.  
We took the dogs down to the dyke.  The earlier wet weather must have scared everyone off, because we had it to ourselves, except for meeting a couple and their dog just before we got back to the car.

Looking to the east.  The clouds were still hanging over the mountains, but it was so pretty!

And to the north.

We walked south on the dyke, which was a bit of mistake because that way we lost the sun behind the hill. 

The ground fog was starting to form in the hollows over the saturated fields.

We had taken toys because we thought the dogs might want a swim.  The water was running pretty fast though, even in the wide spot.  Jake and Luna 'thought' they wanted to swim, but the water must have been quite cold.  I threw a toy in, a bit too far, and they bounced along the edge, just wading.  Jake barked at it, or us, and the toy got stuck in the reeds where the water rushed into a narrower channel as it left the pool.  No way was I encouraging them to try and rescue it from there.  Fortunately I threw the cheap dollar store toy, and not the more expensive Chuckit one.  We have found lots of dog toys down there, so it was about time we donated one back I guess!

Most of you know that I love thrift stores and garage sales, and any sort of bargain or freebie.  Well a few weeks ago I was on my way to pick up some more frozen raspberries from my raspberry lady. We do have lots of our own raspberries, but not enough for all the raspberry jam I make.  Raspberry is definitely the most popular flavour.  The raspberry lady just happens to live next door to my dahlia lady, so I was able to pay her and return her buckets on the same trip.  
As I left her driveway, just down the road I could see some sort of bush or something laying on the shoulder.  As I pass by I see that it is a blueberry bush.  So I hit the brakes and back up and leap out and shove the bush and it's dry root ball into the back seat. 
 The back seat has the foot wells filled in with little wood bench things that make a big platform bed for the dogs.  It comes in really handy for transporting stuff, set up like that.  I just moved the padded cover out of the way and laid the bush on the waterproof cover underneath.
When I got it home I put it in a tub with some water and fertilizer for a bit, to rehydrate.  It got planted right away and looks happy where it is.

And on my way out I had noticed a free apple sign at a house on Bradner Rd.  I stopped there on the way back and used one the laundry baskets that I had taken for the raspberry bags, and filled it up with apples.  Of course I got a little carried away and could barely lift the basket and it's 70 lbs or so into the car.

They all made a trip to the dehydrator and are now only a tenth or so in size and weight.


  1. You sure got lucky with all those apples. And the thrown away bush too. I love free stuff too and really have to avoid bringing too much stuff home.
    The rising fog/mist makes for the loveliest pictures.

  2. Those apples look great! I hope your Blueberry Bush makes it! :)


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