Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Evening's Excitement

We were out picking raspberries on Friday night, just before it started to get dark.  After a bit we could hear the woosh woosh of a hot air balloon.  Larry asked me if I was going to get my camera.  I said "no, I have enough pictures of the Re/Max balloon".  Eventually we could see it just behind the cedar trees along the road, about 150' away.  It seemed to be stalled there and bobbing up and down.


A balloon, so I did go and get the camera.
It was hoving over the corner of the field just across the road from us.  We wondered at one point if they were going to try and land on the road, and heard some discussion about the power lines.


It did land just inside our neighbour's field, just across the road from our driveway.  Maybe one of these days we will actually get one landing in our field, and will get to collect our cheapo bottle of champagne.  A balloon has now landed in the field across the road, and in the fields either side of us.


Who is that guy in the baggy shorts and long black socks? He looks like an old fashion boy scout.  At least he wasn't wearing dress shoes to go with those socks.  And I definitely wouldn't let him go out in public wearing them, or any more public than in front of the few neighbours that wandered up to see the balloon..  I told him this morning that they did nothing for me.  Poor guy, he probably thinks the same about some of the things I wear, and is too kind to say anything to me.


They left enough air in the balloon to float it over the gate and onto the side of the road.  It is not as close to the power line as it appears.


It probably took less than 15 minutes to get the balloon all packed up and put away. 


 By that time it was getting too dark and we had to finish picking the raspberries this morning.


  1. As long as Larry is comfy who cares... boy scout for sure! I have been known to wear some weird combinations too! I love those hot air balloons..but I could never go for a ride:)

  2. Yup comfort over fashion I say ! I wear baggy comfy cloths as well . I like hot air balloons have been in one once and it was fun ! Nice photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Is that your poor husband you're talking about in those baggy shorts, long socks and shoes? Ha...I had to laugh when If figured that out! Cool pics of the balloon. When will you get your bottle of champagne???
    Great blog! Glad you're back! Missed you.

  4. You made me laugh talking about the socks and shoes. He looks pretty sharp to me, but you're right about the dress shoes. :) That balloon was excitement. I've never seen one up close. Was there something wrong or do they always land near your farm?

    1. The balloon trips seem to take place early morning or in the evening, I think because there is less wind then. From where they take off, our area quite often seems to be the place they end up. Maybe the flight it only for a certain length of time, or it is starting to get dark and they need to land...? Just guesses on my part.

  5. No raggin' on Larry. Typical guy :0) A little excitement in the neighborhood (the balloon, not Larry) LOL

  6. What did the dogs think of that! Ryker would have freaked out I think!


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