Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday

One of these days I'll actually have a post that is meant for a specific day, prepared the night before. Ha! in my dreams......  If I'm quick here, I'll just manage to squeak this one in for Thursday.

 After we arrived in Canada from England, we lived for about 4 months in Williams Lake.  Must have been quite the culture shock for my mother.  From 'civilized' England to a cowboy town in the wild west of Canada.  My dad, I'm sure, loved it.  All that room for anyone to hunt and fish.


I don't think he was a hunter for long though.  I remember him telling me that once a deer had looked right at him, and he just couldn't shoot it.  He really was an animal lover and a softy at heart.

He did fish for much of his life though.  I used to accompany him some times when I was older.  This is probably my first time fishing.


Remember the old canvas water bags that used to hang off the aerial?


We used to go on drives on the weekends.  This would be in the Gang Ranch area of the Cariboo.

I was a smiley kid:)


  1. These are great memories. What was the car you had back then? Looked pretty fancy.

    1. I remember it as a Pontiac, that's about it. It would have been well used no doubt, as we had no extra money.

  2. I was not a smiley kid. You smiled enough for both of us.

  3. Sounds like your mom went though a similar situation. She was a California gal and married my dad in 1946, the next day dad said "we are moving to Alaska"! She was definitely a fish out of water and terribly homesick for a good while.
    Love your smile!!!

  4. Wonderful old photos! You were a happy child! Your sis seems shy. I do not remember the canvas water bag...perhaps it is a Canadian thing:)

  5. Lovely collection of photos - fantastic to have them. Smiles are the best! :)

  6. Those pictures are great! You do look like a happy child.

  7. Wonderful photos ! Oh canvas water bags I haven't seen them in eons lol ! Both my parents came here to Ontario from England just after the 2 world war my dad was a Brit solder , after they were married and my mum had my sister they moved here to live their dreams of owning and running a hobby farm and that they did and that's were I was born and raised , . My dad and I hunted and fished my other siblings didn't like either I was and still am a tomboy / country gal lol but when it came to sending off our cattle and sheep as we lived off of the land and live stock he couldn't be there to watch them get loaded on the trucks to go to the butcher ,that bothered him yeah he was a strange one lol . I was born Canadian but raised in with in the Brit traditions . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !


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