Thursday, December 26, 2013

We Had A Merry Christmas

We survived.  We had a good time.  Everything all worked out in the end.  We got our family Christmas photo taken with us still speaking to each other, and all the animals in one piece.  At the time though, I was positive that Pride trampled on Luna after we were all done.  Larry was walking towards Pride with his blanket held open and up in front of him, ready to put it over Pride's head.  Luna was right behind Pride as usual. Pride freaked and I was sure he trampled on Luna's legs.  Instantly visions of sugar plums dollar signs and visits to the emergency vet flashed through my head.  I screamed at Luna and looked away (which is what I automatically seem to do with I see a disaster unfolding that I can't do anything to stop).  Either the ground was soft enough or Pride actually missed her, but Luna seemed to survive unscathed.

I had suggested that we use the tractor as a prop in our picture, but then Gruff, David's land rover was suggested instead.  That was a much better idea.  The land rover that David, accompanied by Meredith (who couldn't pass up a good excuse to go to England) bought and had shipped back from England in the summer of 2012.  It took nearly a year go get it here, deal with all the paper work and regulations, work on it and get it inspected three times, before it was finally legal to be driven in B.C.

As you can see, the snow of last week is gone, was gone by Monday I think.  There might be one small blob left at the bottom of the driveway that was the snow lady.  We are back to our typical Christmas weather.



In the afternoon David brought my mum over from her care home.  She stayed for dinner, and asked that we take a family photo.  Not the best, but she was happy enough with it, and I printed it out and stuck it in a frame and she took it back with her.


I didn't get much done in the way of Christmas baking, but thankfully others seemed to fill in for me.  I did make some Christmas decorations though.


They are made out of old paperbacks and in this case, brass candle sticks were used as a base.  These were a gift, but I also made some for us.  You can see some of them on the shelf in the background.  I made a couple of very small ones as this year's Christmas ornaments for M and D.  Here's a link to making the trees.

On Christmas Eve we received a last minute invitation for dinner.  I hesitated for a moment, as there were a lot of things I needed to do that evening, but then realized nothing was more important than spending time with friends, and I would be foolish to turn down a wonderful meal cooked by someone other than me:)  And the extra bonus....

I got to snuggle with these!  Three week old lab puppies that are destined to become guide or autism dogs.



I was told I would be checked for stowaway puppies on my way out.


  1. What a wonderful post. I love the family pictures. Oh, and the Lab puppies!! We raised Labs for a few years and loved them all so much we hated to part with the puppies. We wound up keeping one every time there was a litter. We had ten labs at one time. All were with us until they passed away from old age.

  2. Great Christmas Photos! It was good to get your Mom out for the day! I recall making trees out of Readers Digests...pretty decoration! So glad Luna did not get hurt.:)


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