Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ever since we first got Callli as a nine week old puppy, she has been a big grass eater.  She especially likes grass that is growing next to or in the water.  The grass of choice is a wide bladed one that can grow very tall, and likes damp places.  I think it's most likely Reed Canarygrass.  Our dogs have always liked eating grass, and sometimes all three of them will stop in a certain spot and chew away.  They especially like the fresh new Spring growth.

Now if you google 'why do dogs eat grass', you get about 2.8 million results.  After reading through a few of them, I think I agree with one vet who just decided that dogs eat grass because they like the taste.

Yesterday was another rainy morning.  Since it's not a whole lot of fun to take the dogs on their usual morning bush walk when the foliage is sopping wet and dripping branches are hanging low over the trail, we decided to go for a quick walk at the dyke.  We don't seem to get down there much these days, so the dogs were pretty excited.  Which translates into two females who whine all the way there.  Thank goodness it's only a seven minute drive.  The water was still pretty high, and we didn't get very far before Jake and Luna decided that they had found a spot that was perfect for swimming.  So that is what they did.

And Calli mostly ate, although she did go in the water a few times.  Unfortunately the camera batteries died, but not before you got to see our herbivore at work.

                           Doesn't Jake have an annoying bark?

There was this cool kind of bridge just downstream.  Not that it led anywhere, just into a field of very tall grass, and there was a no trespassing sign at the other side.  Just my luck, I'd get to the middle and find out the pole rotted over the winter, and that the water really wasn't very warm:(




  1. Mom calls us little cows when we eat it
    Benny & Lily

  2. I think the bridge is missing a few pieces :0)

  3. I couldn't see the video it says Shockwave encountered an error. My Dad used to say if Dogs ate grass they had tummy trouble and or it was going to rain:)

  4. You are not missing much really:) The link is
    Yep, came across both those 'reasons' for dogs eating grass when I googled it:)

  5. I am back, had to restart my I can see the video! Jake just wants the stick thrown faster! My goodness Calli sure goes at it! Looks like she loves grass alright! :)

  6. Ahhh, the bridge to nowhere, I like it.
    Calli eats that grass with gusto. Ryker will eat a bit of the tall stuff along the wooded trails but not like Calli. Ryker could join in with your girls in the whining department. He whines a lot if I tell him we are going somewhere exciting.


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