Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Calli!!

Calli is 10 years old today!!
She's looking pretty good:)
To celebrate the day we thought we would go for a walk somehere we hadn't been for a while...
The view is fantastic from the top of the cliff, too bad it was so cloudy
Ha ha, fooled ya...... it was really the clouds reflected in the mighty Fraser:)
Dogs are supposed to be on leash? Oops, must have missed that:)
Passing under the railway tracks. Lots of horses use this trail, and you don't want to be on horseback anywhere near this underpass if there is a train coming.
We found stumps to pose the dogs on...pretty Luna
and handsome Jake.
The birthday girl needed a bigger stump, as she has mobility issues (and that's a whole other post). Thought we had found a good one, but turned out the back half was rotten and Calli started to fall. Larry saved her, but not himself.
We found the perfect throne for the princess to pose on, but one of the commoners didn't like all the attention she was getting, and decided the throne was big enough for two...
The train tracks run right along the river. Before we could actually see it, this train sounded like it was coming straight down the trail at us. I was having a hard time resisting hiding behind a tree
And almost back to the car...
Happy Birthday Calli!!

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  1. She's 10??

    I never looked until there now - she dosn't look it, really.


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