Friday, May 28, 2010

Horse Herding

Luna is fascinated with Pride, but Pride is not fascinated with Luna.
When we walk out in the morning to do our bush walk, Larry gives Pride an apple and opens the gate into whatever field he is currently spending the day in. 

If we remember, and are not talking, or letting our minds wander, we make Luna lay down and stay while we deal with Pride.  This particular morning we had the whole pack in a stay, but quite often it is just Luna. 

But if we forget, well Luna finds Pride wherever he is, and waits for him to move.

If he doesn't move

she gets a little closer

gives him a nudge or a nip

He gets p*ssed off

They might come to a standstill

or he just tells her to take a hike!!

Not that she ever does:(


  1. Just hopping through from the Blog Hop. Pleased to meet you. I've signed up as one of your followers.

  2. Woof! Woof! BLOG HOP Hi There I'm Sugar Good to meet you. Looking forward to your visit to my blog n be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Hello! We are visiting from the Blog Hop! We love your blog!


  4. It's very funny to see a horse tell a dog to get lost!

    Nice to meet you on the Blog Hop!

  5. Oh what fun, horses and Border collies. At least they look like Border collies. We have a Border collie here but she tries to herd the one goat that we have. Mom won't let her herd the miniature donkeys.
    We are following you now, so can keep up your herding stuff.
    Good to meet you and we like your blog.

  6. Met you on BCsX4 blog. We have something in common...BCs, sheep and a "Lab." Luna reminds me of my Keen-Eye Kilt...always stalking, bothering something, someone :0)

  7. Found you on the Blop Hop! We would love to live on your farm. What a cool place!
    The Road Dogs

  8. Nice to meet you through Blog Hop. Love your photos!

    Ellizabeth & Luna

  9. Love the 'take a hike' picture :-)

    Typical dogs they never take any notice!


  10. Isn't it fascinating the relationships animals form with one another? I am always astounded when I watch our dogs and cats interact with their own language, a cuddly message and occcasionally a big "Get lost!"

    Nice to see you again at the blog hop!

  11. Hello! We came from the Blog Hop! Nice to meet you. You are a wonderful horse herder!!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  12. Oh poopers! I missed the blog hop :-(

    Love the pix of Luna trying to horse herd!


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