Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Stuff

I went to the back hayfield this evening and weedeated the chervil back to the ground, for the fourth? time I think it is.  Larry did the hayfield closer to the house yesterday. Geez that stuff is persistant.  I swear that you must just about be able to see it grow, considering how much it grows in a week.  I'm trying to exhaust it to death, but it might be me that gets exhausted.  The theory being that if it keeps getting cut back, and then sends out leaves and flowers again, that get cut off yet again, it is actually putting out more energy than it is taking in.  I can only hope.

Another jam day today, but not as productive as yesterday.  I better get used to it now that we are in market season.  Today was raspberry jelly and strawberry jam.

I seeded three kinds of radishes and some mustard greens yesterday.  I grew mustard greens last year, but they weren't really a success.  They grew too high too fast, and they weren't much of a seller.  The variety this year is supposed to be a low grower, so I hope I can add it to the salad mix. 

The arugula is going gangbusters, and I think there will a fair bit to pick for next week's market.  The broad beans have started to flower.

Lots of weadeating and lawn mowing done today.  Larry worked on straightening the blade on the brush mower that goes on the back of the tractor.  Luna does not like any banging like that, or chopping of wood, or pounding in fence posts (we did a few of those this week), so she was wanting in the house.  She doesn't like the weed eater, but the lawnmower doesn't bother her. 

I buried the little yellow hen in a corner of the vegetable garden, well actually in the perennial section.  Seemed appropriate.

Off to the market tomorrow, and there are greens and herbs to pick in the morning before I go. 

To end on a humourous and doggy note, click here and watch the Regis and Kelly video.  I'll bet you laughed!  And talk about how NOT to dress when walking your dog....

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