Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunshine, lollipops......

What a beautiful day!!  Frost this morning, even a little ice on the dog's pool, but oh so nice to see that blue sky and sunshine.

Was trying to do my 'homework' for my photography class today, well the last part of it anyway.  There are so many settings on this camera, and coming from the 'never take it off Auto, just point and shoot, and sometimes use the zoom' camp, well I find it all very much overwhelming.  I am playing with the settings, and sometimes getting it right, or close anyway, and am having fun doing it.

Oh Luna, what big ears you have!!

The frost made the ground very interesting. I had to take some 'texture' photos for my homework

The moss and lichen on this fence rail was quite something

In the afternoon we went to the dyke along Nathan Creek, which is surrounded by blueberry fields and cranberry bogs

And Mt. Baker in the distance

The dogs turned into water monsters

But oh that sun was nice.....

A boy and his dog,
well okay, a kinda older guy and his dog:)

Do you have treats????

Speak no evil
Calli can't, with that big rock in her mouth
Smell no evil
Luna can't, with her tongue plugging her nose
See no evil
Jake can't, he's got his eyes closed

No evil here
They're too cute to be  evil, NOT!

                                             Me and my shadow...

                                             on the long way home

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