Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not My Fault This Time

This afternoon I looked out of the kitchen window, and there was a horse on the lawn.  
Larry was cleaning out the chicken coops, and had left a gate open so he could push the wheelbarrow straight to the manure pile.  Of course Pride wasn't around when he did that, but eventually he wandered down, and went through the first gate which let him into the area behind the barn.  Since the gate on the other side of the barn was also open, he figured he might as well check out that grass that is always greener on the other side of the gate, which meant he ended up on the back lawn.  
Luna was right on it.  Not that Pride gives a hoot about what Luna thinks anyway.  Thankfully he didn't trample or eat anything he shouldn't

And all it took to get his attention was Larry arriving with an apple to lead him back to the side of the gate he should be on.

Is that an apple for me?

Pride turned 30 years old this Spring.  We think he looks pretty good.  
Despite not having much in the way of teeth to chew his food properly, he actually gained weight over the winter.  Must have been all that pelleted feed he got.
Soak the pellets in warm water until it's like a stiff porridge, and all a horse has to do is swallow it.
Don't need any teeth for that.


  1. Aren't old horse faces just the best :-).

  2. he DOES look great! And how fun for him to have a small, safe adventure :)

  3. You have a home for aged horses..I like that:)

  4. Pride looks WONDERFUL for 30 yrs. old!

  5. Pride looks Great, at first I thought it must be a neighbors horse that wandered by for a visit. We get one of the little neighbor dogs that like to come in through the cat door for a visit now and then. I'll have to get a picture and post it :)


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