Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chicken Dinner?

The chickens were doing a lot of cackling this afternoon, and when I went out to look, this eagle was sat in a tree at the bottom of the north chicken field.  It was being harassed by a few crows.

There weren't any chickens to be seen out in the open.  Three hens were huddled under the cotoneaster in the corner of the field.  The rest were either in the coop, the sheep barn or under the cedars further along the fence line.  

I was able to get within about 30 ft of the tree before the eagle flew off with it's crow entourage squawking along behind.

At that point the hens figured it was safe enough to come out from their hiding spots and get back to their regular programming.  
We purposely leave low overhanging branches on the trees in and around that field, so the hens have somewhere close by to dash to safety if they are being threatened from overhead.


  1. Great photos of the bald. Smart chickens and even smarter owner of the chickens !!

  2. Being a bird watcher myself I loved it when I would hear my duck's warning coo and would run out to observe. Fantastic photo!

  3. Beautiful eagle! Chickens run for the hills
    Benny & Lily

  4. Looks like a hungry Eagle to for your lives:)

  5. Oh my, I have had worries about the cats and the eagles/owls around here. Last time I visited the eagle nest I did find rabbit bones on the ground.


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