Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wet and Windy

We've had 48 hours and a few inches of rain.  This is the orchard garden.  It was a part of a hay field/pasture until about 3 years ago.  It's not the best drained location. On Saturday we were in there picking the last of the zucchini and squash, and pulling up all the plants.  That bare area to the left of center was covered with squash.  I even rototilled the piece in the foreground between the fence and the first row of blueberries.

If this rain keeps coming,
I think we'd better keep the canoe handy.

Yep, hard to imagine that only two and half days ago this was dry enough to rototill

It's not bothering the dahlias though.  Wind and rain haven't put them off yet.

And this was where the potatoes were planted.  Some of them did rot in the ground when we had some record rain in September.

And the rain doesn't bother the dogs either, they're ready to play anytime.
I think it might be time to invest in a new Flying Squirrel though.


  1. What a pretty garden. I really like the last picture!


  2. ahh, mud. You seem to get a lot of rain! I love your newish header photo of Luna in the leaves. Wishing you some sunny days.
    ~Ryker & Sandy

  3. The rains have arrived! It's officially the season of "endless washing of dog towels" :-)

    With 3 dogs here now, this is also when I start thinking that maybe doggie coats are NOT too frou-frou. I have one in a coat & it's so much faster to dry off just the feet & head. I'm eyeing all of them now for new outfits. LOL

    Bummer about the potatoes. I read about the commercial crop failure in the valley. Potatoes are the one crop I was kind of counting on in case of emergency (like real, doomsday type/depression/self-sufficiency thing). I guess I should put some in & see how they do here.

    I think you should stop flaunting those dahlias :-) I'm seriously pouting since ALL my tubers are either gone (shake fist at whatever it is that digs them up) or rotted. Yours are amazingly gorgeous & to be still holding on in late Oct is wonderful!

  4. Hornblower - We'll have to talk in the spring, I'm sure I'll have dahlia tubers to share:)

    I too have wondered about dog coats, but for Luna and Jake, I think the worst part is their muddy belly. I suppose I could make something that covered that. We are in many times a day, and Luna in particular is always ready to head out of the door, that the chore of putting on the coat each time would just become that, another chore, and wouldn't get done. I should remember to run Jake and Luna into the hayfield with the long wet grass before they come in, to clean off the belly, and make them step into the dog pool on the patio as a last minute feet cleaning.
    I wish I could teach the dogs to do a body shake on command. I find I towel them and then they shake. Be nice if they shook off the excess BEFORE rubbing them dry:)

  5. oops, that was supposed to be 'we are in and out many times a day'

  6. You sure did get a lot if rain. Bet the garden and veggies love it. Hope you won't be using the canoe anytime soon. Stay dry
    Benny & Lily


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