Sunday, September 19, 2010

The (Weather) Gods Are Angry!

It seems that way, as we have had more than our fair share of crappy weather on Sunday mornings.  We had one day that we could call 'hot', a few not so hot, and a lot downright anything but hot.  Doesn't do a whole lot for the farmers market experience.

Last Sunday it rained the whole time.

Today it had rained, but wasn't raining for setup at least.  Then mid morning the skies opened.  Add some thunder and lightening to that, and it was just wonderful -NOT!

Thankfully, we'd left the dogs at home.  Jake doesn't 'do' thunder.

Look at all the customers!  Don't you wish you had been there!
Rubber boots were the footwear of choice, and we had made the right choice at least.

Thankfully it was relatively short lived, and the customers popped back up like mushrooms.
Speaking of which, look at this monster that showed up in the sheep field on Saturday morning.

These were nearby, laying on the ground.  Something must have rooted them up.
Anyone know the type of mushroom?

It did clear up and was nice by the end of the market, but unfortunately not in time to dry the tents out.


  1. The weather is going to be nice for the next two Sundays. I just know it. I will be bringing Ontario's sunshine with me.

  2. Sorry for your miserable rain. We get lot's of it here in the Pacific Northwest area of the USA, so we understand the frustration.

    Hope your next market day is sunny :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Now that is a down pour. We don't see any cats or dogs though
    Benny & Lily

  4. Bummer the rain's timing was so off. Hope the next market proves more "fruitful" :)


  5. Please send that rain down my way.

  6. My mom always says"Oh well, at least I don't have to water the yard today".


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