Thursday, September 30, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Park

At the end of September, we have finally got a stretch of that lovely Fall weather.   My sister is out from Ontario, and we decided to take  a visit to Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver.  Kind of fitting don't you think, after all my sister's middle name is Elizabeth, after the queen.

Meredith decided to take over the camera, hmmm, maybe so she could avoid being in most shots.

Lovely Fall colours

I'm not sure if this is our better side...

Or maybe this is.  A fellow reading on a bench was recruited to be photographer.

A fountain at the top of the park.  This makes me think of frozen ice forms in the high Arctic

And then we went into the conservatory, which we neglected to take a shot of from the outside.

Fascinating plants, and colourful birds and fish. 

We took advantage of an available wheelchair to give my mother a break from walking.

Outside, the view over downtown was lovely

And after waiting for two bus loads of Japanese tourists to have their photos taken, and then move on, we had these guys to ourselves.

The artist had a sense of humour. 
They are two couples, with this fellow being married to the woman on his left in the leather jacket.  They have matching wedding rings and matching t-shirts.

The photographer is married to the woman in the skirt

And look what the other fellow is doing:)

And more backsides....

And then we wandered down and sat by a pond, where a group of those pesky  Canada Geese were showing us how they take a bath.  It was quite hilarious.

A gorgeous afternoon, followed by a meal at Granville Island.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! and beautiful park. Those peoples you are posing with sure are tan!
    Benny & Lily

  2. What a lovely day! That yellow bird is fabulous :)
    Enjoy your family visit!!!

    Emma Rose

  3. Those are amazing photographs, Karen. I can see that Cathryn is having a wonderful time with you and Audrey. Thanks for keeping me posted. I will pass on this link to the kids.

  4. What a fabulous day! All the birds and luscious plants and hilarious statues...just grand :)

    If I had to pick a favorite photo it would be the fountain. Couldn't stop gazing at it :)

    Waggin at ya,

  5. The fountain picture and the one of the goose were AWESOME! I'm so envious of your fall colors and GREEN. I could show you pictures of dirt and foxtails....LOL

  6. What a wonderful place to visit..birds and flowers and family! I bet your Mom appreciated the ride! You have some beautiful; photos to remember the day by! :)


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