Monday, October 7, 2013

Three Strikes....

.....and we were getting fed up of wet and yucky farmers markets.  We had three in a row.  Two weeks ago on Sunday, the market in White Rock had to shut down about 11 am.  It was raining with strong winds, and the winds were just making it too dangerous.  Tents were blowing around, things were crashing over.  The next Saturday was another bad one.  This time we were in Abbotsford, or at least Larry was.  I was home in my rubber rain gear, picking flowers and raspberries.  The flowers were for Sunday's market, and the raspberries were for jam.  Our Fall raspberries have done really really well this year.  The long arching canes have been loaded with big berries.  The only thing about picking those in the rain is that when you had to reach up, the water ran down your arm towards your elbow.  There was enough water on the outside without adding any to the inside.

A little bit before 1 pm I went to the market to help Larry pack up.  The rain was still pouring down.  The street the market on is a bit of a slope, with catch basins right out in the roadway.  There was a creek running down the road.  Our tents are rather old, and the tops have been folded up many many times.  The back tent, over the trailer with all the extra jam in it was leaking badly.  Larry had to put a tarp over the trailer.  The front tent was better, but was still dripping here and there.  Everything was wet.  Instead of packing it into the trailer, we had to put a lot of the wet stuff into the truck and then take it out when we got home and get it dried before the market the next morning.  That market also turned out to be another wet and windy one.  Half the vendors remembered what it had been like the week before, and cancelled.  The manager told us we could do what ever we needed to do.  We moved down the row to a spot that was more protected and parked the truck behind us as a wind break.  It was only the hardy customers that turned out, but all in all we had a decent day, sales wise.  Larry was determined to be dressed for the weather this time.


Our booth looked a little bare, because we hadn't put any of the fabric stuff out. Thankfully this past weekend cooperated, and we are back to our usual method of business.


  1. We are experiencing high winds, rain and even power outages this week. And my raspberries did really well this year too. This weekend is our last outdoor market day. I will be there just to get some more local honey to last us through the winter.

  2. Your dahlias look lovely in bunches! Larry looks prepared to weather the rain! Love that hat:)

  3. have as much energy as I have, if not more!!!!


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