Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Hodge Podge

Don't really have a blog post ready, so am just going to let you know a few things that have been happening around here.

Monday morning while walking the dogs in the morning through our back bush, I was caught red handed left footed by a maple root buried under all the Fall leaves.  I went down like a ton of bricks, landing on my left side, with my left leg landing on said root.  I felt my neck whiplash sideways,  no doubt cancelling out the chiropractic adjustment on back and neck that I had last Thursday.  I said a four letter word that started with 'F' and it wasn't Fall or fall.  Larry ran up to help and I said I was just going to lay there for a bit.  So I did, and stared up at the trunks and branches of the maple tree for a few minutes.  Then I staggered to my feet and felt mostly okay.  Larry said that he was worried that he might have to carry me back.  I said if I was bad enough that you would have to carry me, just call the ambulance.  So then we had a discussion about whether the ambulance would be able to drive all the way back there.   Anyway, I felt mostly okay yesterday, but am stiff and sore in various parts today.

Last night was our dog agility club practice.  We set two or three small courses up in the ring.  In the course that I was working Jake, there was a 20' straight tunnel.  Agility tunnels are a flexible heavy duty ducting, 2' in diameter.  The tunnel was set up close to the next course where another border collie was working.  As Jake is entering the tunnel at full speed at one end, out of the corner of my eye I see the other border collie go off course, and enter our tunnel at full speed at the other end.  I was waiting for a crash or a squabble or something to go terribly wrong in the middle.  Thank Dog nothing did.  Both dogs continued on through the tunnel, and exited at the other end.  Neither dog had a mark on it. Those two dogs passing each other in the middle at full speed in a two foot diameter circle must have been a sight to behold.  Thank Dog it was straight tunnel, not one that had been shaped into a curve.  The next time we ran that course, Jake entered the tunnel just fine, but was very slow going through it.  He was being prepared, just in case......

We have been living in a fog, literally,  for the past few days.  Kind of depressing, but early this afternoon the sun broke through, and it was beautiful.  I went out to the garden and spent two and a half hours weeding.  It warm enough for just a t-shirt and capris.  I've pulled out all the zucchini and cucumber plants, they were finished.  The dahlias are still blooming.  The Fall raspberries are still producing.  I picked about 10 cups on Sunday.  We've been picking them for two months.  The best season ever.  There's even the odd strawberry still ripening, if I can get to them before the slugs do.

Calli went to the vet today.  She's had a few bladder infections lately.  I don't think the last one got cleared up, but this time she is on a different drug.  The urine showed no sign of bacteria or white blood cells on the check today, five days into the antibiotic.  The small lumps she had on her chest did not concern the vet.  I have put her on a cranberry supplement.  Feeling relieved:)

Somebody came and raked the leaves on the driveway into big piles:) 

So I just went looking through some old blog posts to see if I could borrow some pictures for this post.  And of course I got sidetracked and started reading a whole wack of posts from 2011.  Boy, I sure had a lot more to say back then.  Oh well, no pictures with this post, sorry.  I promise to do better next time:)


  1. Isnt it a terrible shock to fall? nothing quite makes one feel old.
    ya, my blogs just seem to be facts without colors
    dont know what happened to my New Start :-/

  2. When we get older falls are not fun, you are lucky you didn't break anything. Good to hear from you even if it is without photos. It snowed again last night:(

  3. Hope your feeling much better now. It is interesting how sore you can get from a fall, tensing up and pulling muscles all over the place!
    Loved the story of Jake and the tunnel. Ryker and I start our first agility class this Friday. I am excited! I really wanted to do Trieball with him but the classes are over 50 miles away and I just don't want to make that drive. The agility class is less than 5 miles and that is a no brainer.

  4. Ouch. I was feeling like my back was going to spasm up on my way to the ranch this morning. I did a bunch of exercises to try to loosen up my lower back muscles before going to work sheep. Turned out, I ended up catching marked sheep to put in another pen. Grabbing sheep by a leg that is jerking, I think fixed my back. I'll tell you tomorrow :0)

  5. I am enjoying your blog. When I saw Calli with her cart, I knew I had to become a follower. Sorry about your fall. I can relate as I fell yesterday, landing flat on my back!! Can't wait to read more!


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