Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk

What I really should have done is included Jake in the picture and titled this post 'Jake and the Zucchini Stalk'.


This zucchini plant looks much more impressive in person of course.  Many times the camera just doesn't do justice to the object in the photo.  The top of the highest leaf is waist height.  The stalks and leaves below are bent to the ground like roots of a mangrove, sending the stalk skyward.  Too bad zucchini season is drawing to a close, it would have been interesting to see if that stalk kept heading up, or eventually crashed over to the ground.


Now that we are having quite a bit of damp weather, the slugs have reappeared from wherever it was that they were hiding, and chewing their way through the zucchini blossoms.


This is today's haul.  The one on the left is the one in the first two photos.


We have 10 or 12 zucchini plants.  I like to check them daily, and pick the zukes off at a certain size.  I had actually meant to check them on Sunday morning before we headed to the market, as there were a few that were close to size.  I totally forgot, and didn't even think about them either on Monday.  Finally remembered about them this morning (Tuesday) and was happy that with all the rain they hadn't turned into monsters.  The weather is cooler now, and they aren't growing as fast. Two or three more weeks and they will probably be finished altogether. 


  1. Great zukes. I will be happy to start a garden in Sequim where we actually will get some rain. Rain? What's that?

  2. Very nice haul. Your stalk is impressive!!!
    At the market this weekend I saw kids carrying zuchinni the size of a ten pound baby. I have much smaller ones...Zucchinni Bread soon to be baked.

  3. Did ya know that is one time we lock our cars here in Minnesota...Zucchini Season. I have never developed a taste for them, but many people I know make bars and cakes and bread:)

  4. They are certainly not the most tasty vegetable....I think I like them raw more than cooked. But, put them in baking and you don't even notice them. I made a great fruitcake with zucchini and some runny marmalade.


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