Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big Red Present

I came home with this big red present today.
Let's open it up and see what it is. 

 Mmmm, dog food

About 150 lbs of dog food.  60 lbs of prepared frozen blocks that the butcher makes.  The rest was beef liver, kidney and heart.  Pork bones and feet. Pork offal.

I scored with the pork offal! $10 for 20+ lbs.  Liver, tongue, and a few unidentified bags.  It was frozen, and a bit hard to tell what some of it was.

Jake offered to help me unload.

I spent nearly an hour at a local small butcher shop today.  The kind were the floor is concrete, and you can see into the back where they are cutting up a side of beef.  They pull open the big freezer door and wheel out wire baskets full of brown paper wrapped meat.  It's the time of  year that people that have raised their own beef, for themselves and others, are having it killed and cut and wrapped.  It was very busy at the shop, and it took a while for them to gather everything for me.  It's a good time to stock up on the organ meats, as there are usually plenty, with all the custom cutting and wrapping they are doing.  I guess some people don't take the organs.  Bonus for me, or maybe I should say Calli, Jake and Luna.  Smudge eats little bits of it too, and we've finally convinced Nelson to have a taste as well.
The freezer is full.
The dogs had pig's trotters for supper.


  1. A feast in your trunk! You are the only person I know that feeds raw..I think the dogs all look great they are lean and their coats are so shiny. The one time I attempted this with Chance he got pancretitis..he has a fussy stomach I guess. :)

  2. Well there goes my plans for breakfast. I am sure if I were a dog I would love it though. Shiver.

  3. OMD! I want a big red present! Holey Droolies! Y'all SCORED! YUMMERS!!! does this mean Christmas dinner is at your house this year? :D

    Happy Holidays All!

  4. Looks like quite the haul!

    Your newest follower(s),

    Ellie (and Cedar, Moss, and Scully!)

  5. I have been going to my local slaughterhouse and getting bones and beef hearts for my dogs for about 2 years now. There is usually alot of meat still on the bones so I get off as much as I can. Then put 2 days worth in gallon bags for the 3 dogs. I cut up the hearts and add rice and some veggies if I have leftovers. I weigh it up and put one days worth in baggies and that is for all 3 dogs. They get about 1 1/2 pounds between the 3 of them. Plus the raw bones in the evening. They are very healthy dogs. I am so glad to see someone else doing this. Mine is all free though. They just throw it away. Makes me sick to know that. But good for me. I have found that when I tell people I feed my dogs raw meat they think it's horrible. So I don't talk about it. So it's good to see others doing it.

  6. Kris - Quite a few people that I know feed raw, especially in the agility crowd. I'm think I'm doing well if I average about a dollar a pound for what I get. There is quite a demand for that sort of thing around here, so they certainly aren't giving it away. Maybe if I went to the right place.... Lucky you, getting it for free.
    Brought home four turkeys today, at 87 cents a pound. That's about as cheap as we can find them here in Canada. I pay 85 cents a pound for the blocks of frozen, a mixture of scraps,trim and leftovers from the butcher. They are able to sell their meaty bones as soup bones.

  7. Karen, I have a short haired Border collie female about a year old and a yellow Lab who is 5. Plus a 14 year old Rat Terrier. The BC was skin and bones when I got her. She is nice and muscled and "full figured" and sleek now. Beautiful dog. And the lad used to be really scrawny for a lab and now is almost fat. So it's good for them. The BC of course is very active so she gets more.

    I went to the slaughterhouse today to pick up the hearts and more bones. The inspector was there yesterday so they had to throw them out. Ugh! I will have to wait now til next week. And I had 1 bag left. I do have some deer from last year so they will get that til then. But that's what happens sometimes. I try to keep at least 2 weeks worth ready.


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