Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reindeer Wrangler

At the beginning of June, David finished a fairly intense year long course in Architectural Drafting.  He took it through the University of the Fraser Valley. He did well, finishing at the top of his class, and making the Dean's List. 
Despite all the hoopla the instructors were giving them at the beginning of the year about graduates being in high demand with employers...well those employers weren't exactly pounding down the door at graduating time.  So in the meantime David needed work.  Since he was about 15 he has worked for various neighbours, and so managed to pick up quite a bit of work in that way.  One thing led to another and then he ended up putting in some hours with a fellow who is an animal coordinator for the movie industry.
The first week they needed a dairy cow that could be hand milked.  The producer wanted a Holstein, but eventually settled for a Jersey that was located at a nearby agri-tourism business.
Apparently 'Rita' turned out to be the perfect cow.  David said they couldn't have had a better cow.  Rita was so good that she never defecated on the set, and waited until she was back in her trailer.

Last week the producers needed reindeer for a Christmas special.
Some reindeer were located near Dawson Creek, about a 15 hour drive away.  Two were brought down here, and stayed at the horse farm across the road from us.   They had already had some handling, and had been harnessed before.  They were worked with for a few days, and then headed into Vancouver (Hollywood North) for a long day of filming.  Apparently that went well too, and after their moment of stardom, they headed back home to the farm.

Those reindeer are kind of odd creatures.  The females aren't very big, but sport a massive rack of antlers. They have very long noses and very buggy eyes....all the better to see you with, Mr. Wolf.

This week David is down in Monroe Washington at a big horse show.  He is driving a horse in one class, and is being a general dogsbody the rest of the time.
He did get a call back from one of his drafting job interviews. 
I think he might be trading the glamour, and the uncertainty, of the movie industry with it's big bucks for something more mundane, at least for a little while anyway.  There is more schooling planned for the future.  I don't think the pressure from his mother had anything to do with it at all.

Oh by the way, the show is 'Mr. Young' on YTV.
Never heard of it, never watched, and probably never will.
Well maybe I'll see if can watch the Rita and the reindeer episodes at least.

Now we need someone to make a movie that requires a soccer playing border collie....


  1. Great side time job. I LOVE Rita....she's a beauty!

  2. What a cool part time job!! Maybe he could keep his finger in it just for fun.

  3. The is one cool job. We want Rita for a pet. Nevermind, mom said no
    Benny & Lily

  4. Sounds like a really neat job! BUT I suppose he needs something more permanent.
    Luna is a real start with that soccer never can tell. Those reindeer look awesome..even if they have buggy eyes:)


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